West Hills Arena Traffic Notice - UPDATE

by Eric Yue

Summary of interruptions March 10-16 2023

Updated March 10, 2023


The BC Hydro project at City Centre Park is ahead of schedule and now scheduled to be completed March 16th. There is no longer single lane alternating traffic on Langford Parkway and most of the parking has been vacated for use for the weekend; however, there are still some parking and traffic interruptions at City Centre Park through March 16th. The following is a summary of the expected impacts from now until March 16th. Please give yourself extra time when attending facilities at City Centre Park during this time frame. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Mar 10-16 2023 

·         Vehicle traffic not able to pass from Eagle Ridge Centre East parking lot to/from the main CCP lots on North side of Langford Lanes / Westhills Arena but pedestrian traffic is not impacted.

Mar 13

·         Eagle Ridge Centre East parking lot closed 8am - 5pm 

Mar 13-16th

·         First row of parking in front of Eagle Ridge Centre and Langford Lanes fenced off.

·         Starlight stadium closed 12pm – 10pm

Mar 14-16th

·         Daily closures of Langford Parkway for approx. 15min twice between 9am and noon

·         Daily access closures of main CCP parking lot for approximately 15min once per day between noon & 2pm


Please be advised that this is the most current information available from BC Hydro and that it is possible for intermittent disruptions above and beyond what is planned is possible. Please contact Kristin StCyr with any questions or concerns at admin@citycentrepark.ca